How to Attract Painted Buntings

Painted Buntings are shy and are often skittish around larger birds like grackles and crows. Buntings are more commonly found on or near a marsh or beach. They love to hang out in brushy areas or in full, bushy trees such as the crape myrtle where they can hide and seek protection from predators or larger birds.

  • FOOD: Buntings are seed eaters but will also indulge in insects during the nesting season. Attract them to your yard with white or hulled millet.
  • FEEDER: Millet seed should be provided in a tube feeder to attract the buntings. White millet is also a favorite of the doves & pigeons so if you were to provide it in a tray feeder you would likely get those birds taking over the feeder leaving little room for the buntings.
    Add a Cage: Most of our customers have the best success when they add a cage around their feeder. The cage helps keep the larger birds out and the buntings feel more protected.
  • LOCATION: Because buntings are shy, they prefer the feeder to be in a more sheltered area. The edge of an open area near some protected undergrowth is best.

Bunting population has been on a steady decline for several years. They are commonly trapped and sold as caged birds (illegally) & they are suffering from major habitat loss. They are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List, and a species of concern on the Partners in Flight Watch List. Keep that in mind as you are trying to attract the buntings to your yard and know that you may be unsuccessful for a season or two before you see these fascinating birds show up in your yard.